Legal Services

​When sending legal and sensitive documents, we ensure full accountability for your goods whilst in transit. We will always obtain signatures upon delivery unless stated, by you before hand. All parcels are tracked from Collection to Delivery point, as we only deliver directly from you to your customers, ensuring that your documents will not go through any depots or change hands with any other drivers. This guarantees the confidentiality of your consignment.

Legal Documents that we specialise in Delivery of are:

  • Court Courier

We understand the importance of reliability as we have been delivering urgent submissions to Court and Chambers for years. We understand that many hours of work go into submissions and you need a courier who can deliver your documents before the deadline.
  • Signatories Courier

Ensure you beat the deadline Swift Logistics will collect your documents and deliver them as quick as possible and also obtain signatures for all consignments as standard. If you have multiple signatories you can use the same driver or have multiple drivers collecting the signatures you need. We will deliver them to you or to any location before any deadline. We can work to any time scale ensuring we always work to the best of our customers requirements.
  • Accountants Courier

If your business needs to send vital documents for Corporate Transfers or anything else we will work to your time scale and any requirements you have. We know that things don’t always run smoothly so if you have a time slot we can have a driver waiting outside for your documents, obtain signatures and deliver your documentation to any location in Mainland UK. Using one driver, dedicated to your requirements, gives you the best service, guaranteeing your delivery will arrive on time.
  • Secure Storage

Storing your legal documents inside a locked container within our secure depot in Rainham which allows us to keep your documents confidential and secure under a double locked facility with CCTV footage. Using an archived label listing spreadsheet for each consignment allows us to keep on top of any documents you may require delivered back to you.